Site Mailboxes in Exchange 2013 & SharePoint 2013 – Part 5

Enabling Site Mailboxes App in SharePoint Site and Connecting to Outlook Profile

In the next post of the series, we’ll enable the site mailbox feature in a demo SharePoint site that two users are members of and are collaborating both via email and a document library in the demo site.

First a site collection administration will need to enable the site mailboxes app which is now available as shown below after select the settings cog in the top right corner of the site and selecting “Site Content


After navigating to the site contents section as a site collection administrator, click “Add an App


Select “Site Mailbox” highlighted in the image below.


After selection of the Site Mailbox sharepoint app, you’ll notice a new option in the left hierarchy labeled as “Mailbox


A redirect to will take place and prompt for authentication as shown below.


After successful authentication you will be prompted with a message stating that your site mailbox is being created.


And finally when completed in the background, you are presented with the following messages signifying that the site mailbox has been successfully created.


We’ll give the environment some time to create the site mailbox and return in part 6 with the client side experience….

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  3. Matt said:

    Thanks for this comprehensive guide. I went through the configuration and the Check-SiteMailboxConfig cmdlet shows everything in order. However, when I click on the Site Mailbox app in a site, it takes me to an error page that says Exchange 2013 is required. We are running Exchange 2013, so not sure what’s up.

    The only thing that seems suspect is my EWS shows version 15.00.0516.014 (which is what yours shows). However, the documentation from MS says it should be at least .025. But I can’t seem to find anything newer than .014.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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